Bronx Wrongful Death Lawyers

Bronx Wrongful Death Lawyers

Death in any form, or due to any cause can be an exceptionally difficult thing to go through for anyone. The consequences of death are far-reaching and have massive impacts on the family, friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances of the deceased. In cases where someone’s death was caused as a direct result of someone else’s action, the trauma suffered by those left behind is felt even worse. At Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers, we do not believe that anyone should have to suffer the consequence of someone else’s action – particularly in cases where another person or entity is at fault. If you would like to find out more about wrongful death lawsuits, we have gone into great detail below.  

What is wrongful death?
Wrongful death is classified as; when a person, persons, or entity has directly caused or been involved in the resulting loss of both financial and emotional support. This may be because of the person’s intention or as a result of negligence. Wrongful death can be caused by many factors, but a few to note are medical malpractice, insufficient care in nursing homes, motor vehicle accidents, or even bite or attacks by an unrestrained pet. There are many causes of wrongful death, so even if you do not see the cause of death for someone that you would like to seek justice for listed above, call us to find out if you have the right to file a wrongful death case.  

Who has the right to claim for wrongful death?
Irrespective of the cause, those who are left to deal with the consequence of a wrongful death should not bare it alone, which is why wrongful death lawsuits enable those affected by the death to file a suit against the defendant where there should be justice provided. A beneficiary of an estate, such as children or the spouse of a deceased, has the right to sue for wrongful death. They may also have a representative file the suit for them, as is the case most often.  

Statute of Limitation
As is the case in most personal injury lawsuits, there is a statute of limitation which applies to wrongful death cases. The statute allows for two years to pass before a claimant or claimants may no longer seek legal recourse for wrongful death. This allows for time to grieve before seeking legal counsel, which is more often than not required. Though this time is allowed, the financial ramifications of the loss of a breadwinner can be felt long before the statute of limitations is over. Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers are capable of handling your case whilst allowing you to grieve so that you can process the death of a loved one, while we ensure that you receive justice and fair financial compensation.  

Why Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers
Wrongful death is one of the most emotionally and mentally gruelling cases to be involved in. The situation surrounding wrongful death, as well as the result, can take a massive toll on those who seek justice. Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers specialize in these kinds of cases, where we always take the emotional trauma suffered by those affected by wrongful death into account. Not only this, but we find it our personal duty to ensure that justice is adequately brought to those who have caused the wrongful death and that those left behind are looked after, so that they may grieve without concern for financial aid.

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