Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers

Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers

Every year, thousands of people find themselves injured at the fault of another person or entity – often without the knowledge on what to do, feeling alone and overwhelmed with medical bills stacking up, work loss due to injury, suffering, and pain. Personal injury lawyers are not contacted for advice and no claims are ever processed, leaving you with debt, no income, and an injury that affects you for life. Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers exists to help you in cases like these. We ensure that your claims are processed on time and correctly to so that you get the compensation you deserve. 

What to do if you find yourself a victim of personal injury?
If you find yourself injured, seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should ensure that you document the treatment that you receive while keeping all correspondence with anyone involved in either your injury or medical treatment, as well as medical bills and receipts. This may seem like a lot, especially when you are going through something so tough. If you are not in the right state of mind to do the above, try to get a friend or family member to assist in keeping all the documents and information required. These documents and bills will be a very important part of your claim! 

How the claim works 
Once you have contacted Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers, we will process the claim and ensure that you have everything that is needed in order to start the process. To prove negligence and for reparation of damages to be rendered, four elements need to be provided. First, the party had a duty to react reasonably, which means that they should be offered the opportunity to provide compensation in a timeous manner. Second, the party would need to have breached their duty to react reasonably. Third, there must be proof from the claimant that the party at fault did not act reasonably, and that negligence resulted in injury or loss. The final element that must be provided; you need to provide proof that there was a monetary loss as a result of negligence, such as medical bills or loss of income. Once this is established, the claim can then be processed, which will include what the defendant did wrong and alleges that the wrongdoing caused pain or injury as well as specify the kind of compensation that is being sought. These will be the facts that Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers will then prove. 

Types of personal injury
Personal injury by definition is an injury to the body, mind, or emotions that are then filed against a specific person or entity that allegedly caused the damage through negligence or misconduct. Many things fall under personal injury; they can be anything such as road traffic accidents, an accident at work, tripping, assault claim, or even a product defect. It can include conditions that are caused by environments such as chest disease, emphysema, pneumoconiosis, silicosis, chronic bronchitis, or asthma. If you find yourself a victim, don’t hesitate to call Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers – our kind and compassionate attorneys will be sure to fight for you and ensure rightful compensation for your claim. 

Time Limitation  
When it comes to personal injury claims, there are statutes of limitations. This is a law that determines how much time you have to file that claim. With each type of claim, the time frame differs and if it is not filed within a timely manner the statute of limitations stipulates that the entire case can then be dismissed by the defense, without any damages or compensation being given. Don’t miss the opportunity to receive what you are owed as a result of negligence, call us today!

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